So i just had an interesting thought. I often consider myself sympathetic towards bigotry leveled at minorities, women, etc etc. Anyone who is among the disenfranchised. I feel like I can relate because I’m fairly weird and our society certainly fears and dislikes anything not normal. So for different reasons than the color of my skin or my reproductive anatomy, I have been made to feel inadequate and less deserving of decent treatment. And I do feel that any reason a person is made to feel bad or wrong about who they are our chose to be, is vile, and all flavors of it are equally vile. the thought I had this morning was, “just imagine how much worse nearly all those many instances would have been if you had also been black, or female, or both”. So, though I stand by my assertion that I can understand on some level, I also now know that the ugliness and depth of this vile dynamic in our society goes even deeper than my own awful experiences. And that, is more awful than any human should ever have to endure in any decent civilization.


i hope you get to fuck somebody to an arctic monkeys song

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Dreams Ark, Ruilin Wang


The Book ok Death


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The Book ok Death




The West Wing - Why are we changing maps?


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