Educate yourself.  Of all the things we do to the inhabitants of this planet, this may be the worst.  Absolutely sickening.  Did you know that Orcas have a larger paralimbic system than humans?  The paralimbic system, by the way, is what produces emotions.  Did you know that Orcas live in families, in which the offspring stay with the mothers for life?  Did you know that when you take a calf from a mother she will scream out long distance locator calls like a mother with a lost child?  Did you know that Orcas in the wild are expected to live 50-100 years and captive Orcas live about 25? Did you know that less than 1% of wild male Orcas have a collapsed dorsal fin while nearly all captive Orca males do?  Did you know that animals with a natural habitat range of 320 to 1,300 kilometres (200 to 810 mi) are kept in captivity in containers barely large enough for them to turn around in?  Did you know that each Orca family has a language unique itself , without overlap with other Orca families?  Did you know that Seaworld groups its Orcas based in no way upon family relation?  Calves are forcibly removed from their mothers and transplanted into tanks with non-family whales.  Did you know that, because of the inadequate size of their holding tanks, male Orcas are often assaulted by females, “raking” or tearing gashes in the whales skin with teeth, to the point that nearly their entire body is covered in scars?  Did you know that one of these whales, owned by Seaworld, and subjected to all the above mentioned tortures and anguishes has killed 3 seperate people?  These figures are revolting and brutally cruel.  And for what? Entertainment?!?! Absolutely sickening.  What does this say about the human species?  Experts say its wrong, ex-trainers say it’s wrong, and really anyone not completely devoid of even a bit of decency has to see that it is indeed wrong. Removing an intelligent and emotional child from it’s mother, placing it in an environment far too small for it’s needs or happiness, with abusive cohabitants, for our own amusement, for decades.  If you did that to a human, the overwhelming majority of people would label you nothing short of a monster; and they’d be right. 

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